Kings Lynn Wood Turners
King's Lynn Wood Turners
King's Lynn Wood Turners
About us
Kings Lynn Wood Turners History
The club was started 20 years ago (1997) with 6- 8 people who met regularly to discuss and share their wood turning passion and ideas. From then on the club grew steadily until the present still with the aims of those founding members, two of whom are still actively involved. Through the club's life it has been necessary to change venue only 3 times. It's first home was the telephone exchange in King's Lynn. Within a year or so, with the membership growing, it became imperative to seek a new venue, and the club moved to Clenchwarton Memorial Hall. Many years passed by, until it became clear that Clenchwarton was no longer a viable option. The club then sought a new venue and moved to St Germans Village Hall. After a short sojourn at St Germans the club has, at last, arrived at Middleton Village Hall where it hopes to remain. Throughout the club's life it has maintained a steady core member base.
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Our Aims
To provide a forum for local wood turners to      discuss and exchange advice and techniquest
To meet monthly to bring members demonstrations of the craft, either from other members or visiting demonstrators.
To promote and encourage wood turning within and outside the members.
To, at least, associate and/or affiliate with the Association Of Wood turners of Great Britain (AWGB).